Perfect Match Dip - Mi Amour 42gm PMDP 110

Perfect Match Dip - Mi Amour 42gm PMDP 110

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Product's Description

Perfect Match Dip Powder combines the durability of a gel polish, the strength of acrylic nails, and the ease of application of a lacquer to create stronger, longer nails with maximum shine.

How to Apply;

  • Prepare the nails, then apply BONDER [1] to all nails.

  • Working on one nail at a time, apply BASE [2], and immediately dip nail into COLOR POWDER [3] at a 45-degree angle while gently rolling finger side to side for 5 seconds.

  • Brush or tap off excess powder.

  • Repeat BASE and COLOR POWDER on each nail for additional layers.

  • Apply ACTIVATOR [4].

  • File, buff, shape, and clean nails.

  • Apply TOP COAT [5] to nails and allow to dry for at least two minutes.

  • Finish with CUTICLE OIL [6].

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