Luminous Beauty Supply introducing Nitro Healthy Nail Dipping System.

Our special liquids are odorless and designed to not irritate your eyes. Nitro Dipping System brings an added comfort and safety to technicians and customers alike. We use the most advanced Odorless Formula in the world with medical grade and healthy materials (silk protein, vitamin A, E, B5, D3, Calcium…) in order to provide a Healthier Dip System for professionals and salon-goers to enjoy…

Nitro currently has five collections the first called Nitro with 256 and our second collection is called EDS with 160 colours and recently an American winter collection with 24 colours and an Australian summer ocean 12 collection with 12 colours we’ve introduced a chrome collection with 24 colours and with that we’ve introduced a non-cleansing gel top this could be used as a gel base for applying chrome as well as a top coat.

Follow along as we present our current range of products available.

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